The Balance Test

Welcome to the Balance Test! The test will take no longer than 10 minutes of your time, and is designed to show you in a visual format how balanced your life currently is.

How to take the Balance Test

Retire Successfully has identified 8 Life Areas that make up a person’s life in retirement. The 8 Life Areas are shown in the Balance Bar above. You will begin with the Work LIfe Area below. For each Life Area read the introduction provided in order to gain insight into what you should be thinking about for each one.

There is also a list of questions for each Life Area - You will NOT need to physically answer each question. Instead let the questions guide you and get you thinking about how fulfilled you feel in each Life Area. After reading the question for each one, give yourself a Fulfilment Rating from 1-5:

• 1: Completely Unfulfilled    • 2: Unfulfilled    • 3: Indifferent   
• 4: Fulfilled    • 5: Completely Fulfilled

Once you have given yourself a rating for a Life Area click Continue to move onto the next one. When you click Continue for the final Life Area Play, your personal Balance Wheel will appear indicating which of your Life Areas need attention.

Now you can start the test!